Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Loving Our Perfectly Imperfect Moments

Can you remember a time when you seemed to have it all figured out? When you were graceful and confident. A time when life was perfect.

Absolutely Beautiful. A perfect moment. 
Sadly, that was all it was. A moment.
This is a more accurate picture of our wedding day.
So as you can see I've been (eh, hem) 'graceful' from the start. I love how my dad has edged away so he looks like he doesn't know who that crazy bride is!
This was 11 years ago. 11 years of moments. Since then our family has grown, and we've had moments, perfect and flawed, with our new additions. 

Almost 8 years ago we added Thing 1:

Almost 6 years ago we added Thing 2 :

3 years ago we added Thing 3 :

And a year and a half ago we added Thing 4 :

So if you're keeping count, our family looks like this these days :
photo by Jessica Hills Photography

Ok, it's actually more like this :
It's so easy for us to compare ourselves to the picture perfect lives that seem to surround us on all sides! What we don't see are the dozens of other pictures that were quickly deleted because they were flawed in so different ways. I've managed to limp my way through life thus far, and I've always thought that one day I would figure life out. That all of the stars would align and I could turn those rare perfect moments into a way of life.

Now that I'm into my 30's, I've finally been granted a small amount of wisdom. There is nothing wrong with a perfect moment. When I catch myself in the midst of one I try and breath it in, and cherish it. What I now realize is that all of those moments that are ridiculously LESS THAN perfect are worthy of being cherished too.

I snapped this picture of Thing 4 at lunch today.
My little Thing 4 thinks that ravioli makes a great hair gel. He made a terrible mess, which is just what you'd expect from one of Dr. Seuss's Things. I'll admit that my first instinct was to put him in a strait jacket and spoon feed him for the rest of his life. Thankfully, I decided on a deep breath and a few pictures.

That is what I want this blog to be about. Loving the imperfections in our lives. Heaven knows we have a lot more of them than we do perfect moments.

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